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Upholding Quality Standards: Partnering with Top-Tier Extraction Labs

At, we are staunchly committed to providing our customers with only the highest quality products. This commitment requires a steadfast partnership with extraction labs and processors of the utmost caliber, each one featuring teams of laboratory-trained professionals who are true masters of their craft.

Through precise, expertly supervised extraction techniques, these teams successfully extract an astounding 96% of total cannabinoids from plant biomass. The beauty of this process lies in its purity - it's executed without the use of harsh chemicals, solvents, or artificial additives, resulting in a product that's as close to nature as it can be.

Post extraction, the process of refinement begins. In this phase, the extraction undergoes a thorough refinement in a rotary evaporator or "rotovap". This sophisticated device circulates the extracted cannabinoids over a warm water bath, methodically evaporating any extraneous elements. The result of this careful procedure is a full-spectrum crude extract of unmatched quality, a testament to the sophistication of the technology and the skill of the team.

But the journey doesn't end here. This high-quality crude extract serves as the robust foundation for further distillation. This meticulous process refines it into a variety of distinct cannabinoid profiles, each tailored to cater to specific customer needs and preferences. These unique profiles form the backbone of our extensive product range, a catalog that's as diverse as it is premium.

At, we are more than a retailer. We are a purveyor of quality, a conduit between state-of-the-art extraction labs and discerning customers. We are proud to be a part of this journey, helping bring you the very best that nature, science, and dedication have to offer.

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