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Muscaria Mushroom Gummy

Muscaria Mushroom Gummy

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  • 10 Microdose Servings per Bag


Step right up to a world of enchantment with our Magic Mushroom Gummies! Imagine a mix of nature’s most mystical mushrooms - 2500mg of Lion’s Mane for that brain boost, Reishi to wash away stress, Turkey Tail for an immune system shield, and the legendary Amanita Muscaria for a touch of ancient magic.


But wait, there’s more! Thanks to our wizardry with SENDS™ Fast-Acting Technology, these aren’t your average gummies. Prepare for lift-off in just 10-20 minutes, a magical whirlwind that takes you on a rapid journey to euphoria, faster than a shooting star.


And because we believe every magical adventure should be as delicious as it is thrilling, we've conjured up the juiciest, fruitiest flavors from the enchanted forest itself. Each bite is a burst of natural fruit flavors, making them a pure delight from the moment they touch your tongue.


Welcome to the fantastical realm of Magic Mushroom Gummies, where every piece is a ticket to a journey filled with wonder, wellness, and a sprinkle of fun, with no mention of the mundane. Are you ready for the magic?

If you are prone to THC reactions, we strongly advise against purchasing this product. Use it with due diligence! We emphasize responsible consumption, recommending its use strictly within the safe confines of your home. Steer clear from activities such as driving or operating heavy machinery post-use. Before initiating the use of this product, a consultation with a medical professional is strongly advised. This product is not intended for use by pregnant women, and it should be kept inaccessible to children. Use is permitted only for individuals aged 18 and above. Importantly, this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, and it has not been approved by the FDA.

Please retain your product packaging for travel; law enforcement may need to scan it for compliance verification with federal regulations.

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