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Biscotti Ceramic Cartridge 1 Gram (1mL) THC 70.67%

Biscotti Ceramic Cartridge 1 Gram (1mL) THC 70.67%

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  • Indica 
  • 70.67% THCa
  • Premium, High Potency Distillate
  • Full Terpene Profile
  • Cannabis Derived Terpenes
  • Next Generation Ceramic Coil Technology
  • Efficient Airflow
  • Zero Clogging
  • Long Lasting
  • Solvent-Free
  • No Artificial Flavors. No Cutting Agents. No Additives. No Preservatives. No Vegetable Glycerin. No Propylene Glycol. No Polyethylene Glycol. No Vitamin E. No MCT Oil.
  • 510-thread battery compatible. Battery not included.


Introducing Biscotti, an exquisite indica-dominant hybrid renowned for its potent effects and distinguished genetics. Created through the crossbreeding of Gelato 25 and Sour Florida OG, though some reports suggest an alternative lineage of Motorbreath crossed with G41, Biscotti is a masterpiece from the innovators at Cookies Farms. This strain captivates with a cerebral high that envelops the mind in creativity and relaxation, gradually spreading a pleasant buzz throughout the body.


Genetic Lineage

Biscotti's genetic heritage combines the creamy, dessert-like qualities of Gelato 25 with the robust, pungent notes of Sour Florida OG, offering a complex profile that appeals to connoisseurs and casual users alike. This blend results in a rich and immersive cannabis experience that is both invigorating and soothing.


Terpene Profile

The terpene landscape in Biscotti is dominated by Caryophyllene, Limonene, and Myrcene, which collectively enhance its signature cookie-like sweetness underscored by bold diesel undertones. This terpene combination not only contributes to Biscotti's unique flavor but also bolsters its therapeutic potential.


Aroma, Flavor, Appearance

Biscotti greets the senses with the aroma of freshly baked cookies, enriched by deep diesel accents, making it irresistible from the first inhale. The buds are dense, coated in a glittering layer of trichomes that testify to its potency and top-shelf quality. The visual appeal is as stunning as its flavor, with hints of purple and orange peeking through the frosty white trichomes.


Overall Experience

Biscotti is celebrated for its ability to ease the mind and body into a state of profound relaxation while sparking creativity. This makes it an excellent choice for those dealing with stress, anxiety, and depression. However, due to its powerful effects that can sneak up on users, it is advisable to approach this strain with caution, especially for those new to high-THC cannabis. Biscotti’s combination of potent effects, striking aesthetics, and delightful flavors makes it a standout strain in the cannabis community, perfect for evening use when you wish to unwind and unleash your creative spirit.

If you are prone to THC reactions, we strongly advise against purchasing this product. Use it with due diligence! We emphasize responsible consumption, recommending its use strictly within the safe confines of your home. Steer clear from activities such as driving or operating heavy machinery post-use. Before initiating the use of this product, a consultation with a medical professional is strongly advised. This product is not intended for use by pregnant women, and it should be kept inaccessible to children. Use is permitted only for individuals aged 18 and above. Importantly, this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, and it has not been approved by the FDA.

Please retain your product packaging for travel; law enforcement may need to scan it for compliance verification with federal regulations.

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