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Advancements in Pediatric Motor Disorder Treatment: The Role of Medical Cannabis

Motor disorders, encompassing a range of developmental issues in movement and coordination such as motor awkwardness, spasticity, and dystonia, pose significant challenges to affected individuals, particularly children. Traditional pharmacological interventions are often limited by their efficacy and suitability for the pediatric population, with many drugs either causing severe side effects or being unsuitable for children altogether.

In a pioneering effort to explore alternative therapeutic avenues, a controlled clinical study was carried out in collaboration with the Department of Pediatric Movement Disorders at Wolfson Hospital and the Sackler Faculty of Medicine at Tel Aviv University. This study focused on 25 children suffering from complex motor disorders, primarily cerebral palsy, assessing the efficacy and safety of Avidekel oil, a cannabis extract enriched with CBD, in two different ratios (1:6 and 1:20).

Over a five-month period, participants received monthly follow-ups involving comprehensive evaluations by a physiotherapist through validated questionnaires addressing dystonia and spasticity, alongside safety assessments including EEG and blood tests. This regimen allowed for a detailed observation of the oil's effects, with patients being monitored for two months prior to treatment and throughout the treatment duration.

The study's outcomes were promising, highlighting a notable improvement in several key areas:

  • A significant reduction in spasticity and dystonia was observed, alongside enhancements in gross motor function.

  • Participants experienced improvements in their quality of life, as measured by a specialized questionnaire for children with cerebral palsy, indicating notable progress in mood, sleep quality, and pain management.

  • Noteworthy improvements were also seen in gastrointestinal function and appetite.

  • Side effects were minimal, with only vomiting and restlessness reported, underscoring the treatment's safety profile.

These findings suggest that CBD-enriched Avidekel oil, with CBD:THC ratios of 6:1 and 20:1, holds considerable promise as an effective intervention for reducing the severity of dystonia and spasticity, enhancing motor function, and improving the overall quality of life for children with complex motor disorders.

The study represents a significant step forward in the search for safer, more effective treatments for pediatric motor disorders, offering hope to families seeking alternatives to conventional drug therapies. The full details of this groundbreaking research can be accessed at, providing in-depth insight into the methodology, results, and implications for future therapeutic strategies.

THCannabis Marketing Team


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